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 How to Install The Forgotten Sepulcher (AD 1.60)
The installation process for Quake and new content is not an easy process, especially for anyone familiar with modern games it may feel confusing and strange. There are a couple of really good guides on Steam like Quake Engines, Old and New by Johnny Law and Custom Singleplayer Levels by negke which explain how to install new engines and custom content.

This installation guide will assume no prior knowledge and will go through all the steps necessary to buy, install and setup Quake for a windows environment. The mod Arcane Dimensions is not a standalone product and does require the original game to work.

 Step 1 - Buy Quake!
GoG Steam

Both versions of the game are usually priced the same amount and are often on Sale during the holiday seasons! The GoG version is regarded as the better deal because it includes the amazing sound track by Trent Razor of Nine Inch Nails!

 Step 2 - Download New Quake Client

Arcane Dimensions will not work with the original Quake client because it breaks too many of the original game limits. The mod requires a new Quake client with extended limits.

The new clients (links above) have two different engines to pick from:

 Engine  Description
quakespasm-admod.exe Classic faithful look with pixels and sprites
quakespasm-spike-admod.exe Enhanced look with smoke, extra blood and a weather particle system

Arcane Dimensions will detect and adapt to either engine, the choice is yours which graphic style you prefer and what your computer can handy with performance.

 Step 3 - Installing Quake
Quake Folder There are many different ways to setup Quake with various operation system, but for the sake of simplicity this guide will show how to install Quake on a windows OS like the image to the left.

 Folder  Description
Quake Quake Base folder
Quake/AD Arcane Dimensions mod files
Quake/ID1 Original Quake game files

The folder structure (to left) is what you will end up with once all the zip files have been moved into the right place and extracted.

 Quick Installation
- Place new client in 'Quake' folder
- Create two subdirectories (AD and ID1)
- Place mod files ( and in the 'AD' folder
- Copy quake pak files to 'ID' folder
- Extract all zip files in relevant directories

 Quake Folder
Quake Folder
The 'quake' directory is where the new Quake client should be located. It is possible to setup the clients in subdirectories if you want to use different types of engines (DP, FTE, MarkV), but for the purposes of this article we will assume you are only using the Quakespasm client.

Open and extract the contents of the file '' into the directory like above. The zip file comes with two different engines to choose from:

 Engine  Description
quakespasm-admod.exe Classic faithful look with pixels and sprites
quakespasm-spike-admod.exe Enhanced look with smoke, extra blood and a weather particle system

Arcane Dimensions will understand the difference between both engines (listed above) and switch around graphical features to suit which engine you have chosen.

 AD Folder
AD Folder
The 'AD' folder is where all the Arcane Dimensions mod files are located in a loose format, so that any file can be changed or edited easily. If any extra AD mod compatible content is downloaded, this is where it should be copied too.

Important - AD 1.50 must be installed FIRST!

Open and extract the contents of the file '' into the directory. The 'Forgotten Sepulcher' is not a standalone release and requires the previous version to work.

Open and extract the contents of the file '' into the directory. This will overwrite plenty of existing files because the map has many new features.

 ID Folder
ID Folder
The 'ID' folder is where the 'Quake' game files are located. Not all of the original purchased files are needed, only the two pak files (pak0 and pak1) which contain all the game assets.

The GoG version of Quake comes with the original sound track and the music files can be copied here to a 'Music' folder so that the new quake client can find them.

 Step 4 - Running Quake
Double click on the Quake engine (.exe file) you want to run (inside of the 'quake' folder) and the new client should start up and look something like this:

Start up Screen
The new Quake clients has a new menu option on the front menu called 'MODS' which is designed to reduce the need for shortcuts and help with loading different mods/map packs easier. Move the Quake symbol down on the front menu and select the 'MODS' option.

MOD Screen
This screenshot (above) shows a list of all mods available in the 'quake' directory. If more mods are added to the 'quake' directory then they will appear in the list. The mod menu system can have multiple pages if many mods are in the 'quake' directory.

Select the 'AD' mod menu item in the list and press enter.

AD Screen
Once the mod has loaded successfully the base screen (above) should change and present the official AD front menu. The new client also shows what mod directory is loaded in the bottom left of the screen.

This is a good way to know if Arcane Dimensions has loaded properly because all of the menu artwork should have been replaced so that the mod looks different from the original game. If the menu artwork has not changed then check the console for errors.

Options Screen
It is highly unlikely the game is setup correctly for you and the options menu is the first place to start. The default keyboard layout is for right handed people, the default mouse speed can be slow and also make sure 'always run' is on, otherwise the game movement will feel sluggish.

The default screen resolution for the game can start very low and it is probably worth making sure the screen resolution is set to something higher to suit your video card.

New Game
Once Arcane Dimensions has loaded correctly (mod menu) and has been configured to your liking (option menu), from the front menu select 'single player' and start a new game.

Start Hub
Arcane Dimension has a new hub map with all the previous functionality of the original game. Around the top floor is the primary map portals, while the lower floor has rune pillars for selecting skill levels and portals for various remix/test maps.

The new AD hub map has a couple of tutorial tricks to teach the player. There is breakable objects (wooden planks) around the upper floor to highlight how the environment can change. The new shadow axe is freely available on the lower floor to show how to deal with zombies and all of the new ammo pickups are available to show how they have changed.

Turn Left
The new maps for Arcane Dimensions 1.50 update are in a separate map called 'ad_chapters' which can be found off the main hub map by turning left from the starting elevator and going through the portal in the red brick building with a giant claw on the top.

When the player enters through the AD 1.5 portal an intermission screen is displayed. Every map has extra intermission cameras to look through once the map is complete and the controls to proceed to the next map have changed.

Press Fire (Mouse1) = will cycle through intermission cameras
Press Space Bar = will load the next map (default key for this action)

New Chapters
Once the new hub map 'ad_chapters' has loaded it will show on the screen the new mod version number. This is an important number to check because 1.60+ is required for the new map 'Forgotten Sepulcher' to work correctly.

Sepulcher Entrance
Turn toward the right and the existing portal entrance for 'The Forgotten Sepulcher' has changed. The railing is broken, cobwebs have collected around the entrance and the floor is covered in zombie knights. These visual changes are to show the map has been updated and how much time has passed since the player has been here last!

Make sure the skill pillars are showing the correct skill level you want to play with and then make your way to the new portal entrance and jump through!

Forgotten Sepulcher
This is the map starting area for 'The Forgotten Sepulcher' and if you are using the new QS-Spike client it will be raining or if using QS there will be a thunder storm off in the distance. The map can be loaded directly from the console by using the map command 'map ad_sepulcher'.

There is no music track selected for this map, its just environmental ambience only!

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