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 Terrain Texture Pack 1 Information File Size: 9.06Mb

While making the map Pyramid of the Magician I spent a while driving around to alot locations taking pictures of mud tracks and gravel roads. As always I got my fair share of odd looks from people wondering why I was pointing my camera at the ground and not at the beautiful views around me instead.

One of the greatest challenges of taking pictures of terrain is getting the scale right so you don't end up with gravel looking like giant rocks and grass feeling like a field of green wheat. After many weeks of searching I eventually found some good locations where I could get the right height angle, but sometimes I just wished I had a tall step ladder!

The most interesting part of terrain mapping for me is working out the blends. Trying to create terrain is always time consuming but ultimately more rewarding than making flat floors. I spent several days creating different designs but the best results always came from contour lines arranged to match the height of the landscape.

This pack file contains an example gallery map/bsp file, a q3 shader file and various terrain textures (vertical rock walls to sandy floors) with a small sample of what to expect below. If you want further examples of how these textures can be used, I recommend you check Pyramid of the Magician or look at the source files.

Moss -Mud- Rock
Rock -Sand- Gravel
Gravel -Mud- Dirt
Dirt -Gravel- Sand
DirtGravelMud RockSandGravel DirtMudGravel MudGravelSand

Rock - Grey 2
Rock - Grey 3
rock_grey2 rock_grey3
Rock - Grey Vine 2
Terrain - Moss 1
rock_grey2vine ter_moss2
Terrain - Dirt 1
Terrain - Mud 1
ter_dirt1 ter_mud1
Terrain - Gravel 1
Terrain - Sand 1
ter_gravel1 ter_sand1

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