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 Plants Texture / Model Pack Information File Size: 5.25Mb

While making the map Pyramid of the Magician I spent a couple of weeks driving around to various locations taking close up pictures of plants and I certainly got my fair share of dodgy looks! On several occasions I had to go back because of lighting conditions and the fact I was wearing a dark coloured T-shirt! A lot of the leaves were taken extremely close up and often the colour of my T-shirt would wash out or tint the digital images.

All of the leaves required an alpha layer and a classic method for doing this is to use a solid colour cloth behind the object so that the background can be cut away easily. Something I forget about most organic objects is that they are slightly translucent and will be affected by the colour of the screen behind them.

The best advice I can give anyone wanted to take digital pictures of plants is, wear a neutral coloured top or t-shirt (grey or white) and use a white cloth as a screen behind the object. Otherwise you will end with a lot of tinted images and strange coloured plant leaves.

This pack file contains an example gallery map/bsp file, a q3 shader file, various plant textures and a small collection of models used in the images below. If you want further examples of how these textures / models can be used, I recommend you check Pyramid of the Magician or look at the following source files.

The images below show various plant leaves mapped onto a simple model and using vertex light. The plant leaves are set up with seperate Q3 material shaders for each side of the leaf. This allows the underside to have a different vertex light value to the top and not have to use constant lighting. This means that the lighting can be tweaked per location with different shaders and the underside can receive colour bounce light from nearby ground surfaces.

Leaf - 01a
Leaf - 01d
Leaf01a Leaf01d
Leaf - 02a
Leaf - 02b
Leaf02a Leaf02b
Leaf - 02c
Leaf - 02d
Leaf02c Leaf02d
Leaf - 03a
Leaf - 03c
Leaf03a Leaf03c
Leaf - 04a
Leaf - 04b
Leaf04a Leaf04b
Leaf - 04c
Leaf - 04d
Leaf04c Leaf04d
Leaf - 05a
Mushroom - 01
Leaf05a Mushroom01
Grass - 01a
Grass - 01d
Grass01a Grass01d
Tree - 01a
Tree - 01a
Tree01a Tree01a

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