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 Medieval Texture Pack Information File Size: 11Mb

This is a small collection of wood, metal and stone high resolution (512 x 512) textures that were used in the map Edge of Forever. All of the textures are digitally photo sourced by me and are colour matched so that they can work together easier. The photos were taken from various locations around the city of Budapest and I am sure that most people wondered what sort of tourist I was for taking pictures of stone walls and wooden fences.

The textures are designed to work with gothic or medieval settings which feature copious amounts of stone and wooden support structures. The set contains some freeform material types that will work on any surface shape or size and trims that use the editor grid for applying detail to geometry edges. The wood trims all use the same grain direction so that it is easier to switch wood types without having to re-texture objects.

The download file contains 35 textures and an example Quake 3 material shader file for the light fixtures and decals. The textures are designed to be scaled down by a factor of 4 on geometry so that they appear in high detail for large screen resolutions. Examples of how these textures were used can be found in map Edge of Forever.

Stone - 1
Stone - 2
stone1 stone2
Stone - Trim 1
Marble - Black
stone_trim1 marble_black
Metal - 1
Roof Tile - 1
metal1 rooftile1
Wood Plank - 1a
Wood Plank - 2
woodplank_1a woodplank_2
Wood - Brown Dark
Wood - Trim 1c
wood_browndark wood_trim1c
Stone Floor and Steps
Lights, Buttons and Decals
stonefloor1 various1

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