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A tasty traditional British Dessert that is the ideal reason for buying loads of fresh apples during the autumn months. A recipe that is very easy to make from basic ingredients and the perfect companion to several large scoops of vanilla ice cream!

The humble Apple Crumble dates back to World War 2 when basic food (flour / sugar) were rationed and meals were made from the minimum amount of ingredients. During that time a fruit pie was made from a large pastry base which was expensive on ingredients, but this could easily be replaced with a crumble across the top and still cook the fruit properly.
Ingredients Ingredients
- Apple base
4 Green Apples (granny smith preferred)
50g Brown or Demerara Sugar
1 tbsp Plain Flour
1 pinch of Cinnamon
1 handful of Raisins

- Crumble topping
185g Plain Flour
110g Brown or Demerara Sugar
125g Unsalted Butter or Margarine
Chopping Apples Wash each apple (recommended for any fruit) and cut into 4 pieces from top to bottom. Slice each quarter of the apple into half again and remove the pip center from the inside edge.

Carefully remove the skin from each section of the apple and then cut into thick slices. If the slices are too thin the apple will lose its shape while cooking and turn into mush. Ideally the apple slices should retain their shape after cooking.
Apple Base Place the apple slices into the bottom of an oven ready glass dish (I used a 8 inch x 8 inch version). Add 50g of brown sugar, a table spoon of flour, a handful of raisins and a pinch of cinnamon.

Mix up the ingredients in the glass dish so that the apple slices are coated in sugar / flour and are evenly spread around the bottom of the dish.

Put the glass dish to one side and then start pre-heating the oven to 375 degrees.
Butter Chucks If you are using a larger dish (I used an 8 inch square) then you will need to change the quantity of the crumble mix to match your dish size. All of the apple must be covered otherwise it will burn.

Cut up into small chunks 125g of unsalted butter or margarine and place into a mixing bowl. It is easier to mix the butter with the flour and sugar later when it is cut into small pieces beforehand.
Crumbly Crumble Add 185g of plain flour and 110g of brown sugar. Mix up the ingredients by hand using the tips of your fingers to squash the butter pieces and roll the mixture into small crumb like shapes.

If the mixture is too dry and not forming into small crumbs then add more butter, a small piece at a time. If the mixture is too sticky then add more flour to create smaller shapes.
Cooked Crumble Spread the crumble mixture evenly across the top of the apple slices in the dish and make sure the crumble covers all of the fruit so that it does not burn while in the oven.

Cook the apple crumble at 375 degrees in the middle of the oven for 40 to 45 minutes.

The crumble should be a light brown colour and you should hear the apple sizzling underneath the crumble when brought out of the oven.
Ice Cream Crumble Carefully cut the apple crumble into four pieces and serve hot (or cold) with large scoops of vanilla ice cream. The crumble should be soft and sugary while the apple is still intact in small slices.

Ideally the perfect ice cream flavour is vanilla because it lets the apple crumble taste develop and not be over power by additional ice cream flavours like chocolate or strawberry.
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