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  Arcane Dimensions 01.Jan.2016
Start Map Arcane Dimensions started life back in the summer of 2014 and was originally called 'Repent'. The MOD was about converting all monsters and weapons to projectiles instead of (some) using hitscan systems.

Just before Christmas 2014 my HD crashed! After much wailing, cursing and screaming I realized that my latest backup was 3 months old and I had lost a large amount of work. Eventually I got a new HD and from the ashes was born Arcane Dimensions, a Quake MOD determined not to die!

Initially I started with a fresh Quake C code base, a small collection of previously made models and bunch of rather crude test maps.

After converting everything to projectile only combat I decided it was time to make the environments more dynamic. I spent several months trying out different ideas and eventually settled on a breakable system that could be customized by using brushwork models. The icing on the cake was to allow monsters to destroy the breakables as well!
Test Maps

New Weapons With each passing month, more monsters showed up in the test maps, new weapon upgrades were added and gradually more people joined the team to create maps!

Eventually there were so many new monsters added that there were unique looking armies of ogres, knights and soldiers!

The best happy accident feature was minions, which were setup to spawn from certain monsters and create dynamic combat by allowing for fights to develop over time.

After 18 months of development and a MOD team of 7 people Arcane Dimensions finally got released on 25th December 2015.

The MOD was initially designed and tested for the Quakespasm client and with the help of the Quake community more clients were added to the list; Darkplaces, MarkV and various WinQuake clients.

Eventually Patch 2 was released after two months and contained a couple of new remix maps, a long list of bug fixes and a few tweaks to gameplay and various monsters.
Patch 2

Tome of Power

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