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  Paper, Scissor, Board! 21.Dec.2008
I have been busy the last couple of weeks creating paper board games. I wanted to try out some game ideas quickly and not spend weeks coding them and paper seemed like a good choice. I certainly had a lot of fun testing them out on my friends and I was surprised how tricky it can be to balance game features even on paper.

It seems the season of gluttony is upon us and I already feel like the size of a mountain after all the xmas sweets I have consumed from advent calendars and Christmas trees. Family get together's, large quantities of booze and copious amounts of food, it must be Christmas time! Happy Christmas everyone and I hope everyone has a good new year.

It seems that physical windows are expensive and it is far easier nowadays to just paint windows on walls instead! I found this decal delight while wandering the streets of Rome on a hot sunny afternoon and I happened to be looking up ... at the wrong angle.

Why they are like this I don't know, maybe the owner felt the walls were lacking some kind of detail but could not decide on what to do. Then a friend suggested low poly decal windows because no one will ever care and at a distance they look like the real thing anyway!
Gipsy Travel

Stone Statuette I found this little clay statuette in the Vatican Museum and it made me laugh when I saw it. This is probably because I have a dirty mind or maybe because the top part of the statuette is so damn phallic!

I have seen other early pottery with strange anatomy proportions like the huge hips, but this one lacked any kind of human head details and it made me wonder. Did ancient woman find something to keep her busy on cold winter nights while ancient man was out?

One day at work I was chilling out in the kitchen chatting to people when I noticed something on the front of a box of vitamin tablets and I could not believe my eyes. They had finally made tablets for retarded people!

I could not stop laughing, especially as vitamin tablets are a popular thing to take during winter times to help fight off colds and flu. I can only assume the manufacturer does not realise the word mistake on the front of the packet, or maybe they do and trying to tell us something!
Dumb Vitamins
Mr Messy

  Roman Reflection 21.Nov.2008
Here is the final two sets from my Roman holiday pictures which I took way back in August and unfortunately been struggling to find time to sort out since. The first set is of Roman Churches which I thought looked amazing and the second set is a mixture of places I found while wandering around the city looking for interesting architectural details.

Back in September a game I was working on called Warhead was released and after much anticipation it thankfully got a lot of nice reviews. Eventually I found some time to sit down, drink lots of tea and write my views on what happened to the levels I was involved in. I hope you enjoy reading them and if you have any feedback then please write me a mail.

My website has been using the same graphic headers for some time now and with the release of my latest work it seemed like a good opportunity to replace them with something fresh and leafy. I spent a while finding good wide angle shots to use and I also wanted to keep all the various quotes from Lewis Carroll, as I really liked his quaint British humour.

Recently I went to a Jean Michel Jarre concert in Budapest and being a fan of his work since I was child, it was like a trip down memory lane. The stage was full of old analogue synthesizers and I remember owning one myself many years ago. The ability to play with the sound via dials was fantastic, but the sound use to change a little bit after the synth had warmed up, which was the charm of owning one.

Roman Churches Rome seems to be the capital of churches with almost every street having some place away from the bustle of the cobbles to pause and reflect. Every church has its own character and style and varies from simple white marble to the most elaborate use of gold.

The pinnacle of grandiose church design has got to be St. Peter's Basilica located inside of the Vatican City. There is nothing quiet like it in scale and architectural beauty and it has got to be seen to be believed.

A mixed collection of pictures taken while walking around Rome looking for something different that the usual stuff in the guidebook. I was looking for how the city has changed so much over time and what the people have added and moved around to suit their needs.

Each picture is accompanied with a few brief words on what I found interesting about the location and why I stopped to look. Being very much a shape and line person a lot of these images are leaning more towards architecture and building details than holiday snaps.

Gipsy Travel Once again my strange fascination with funny shop names found time in Rome to snap a few picture and this gold nugget of literal comedy had me in stitches. I know it is not the exact spelling but it is still valid nevertheless.

When I saw this sign I had the mental image of a huge number of gipsy caravans traveling between all major cities in Europe and for a small fee, this travel agent will sell special trips aboard the caravan express! Ok it is a silly idea, but it had me amused everytime I walked past the shop.

Oh wow this was priceless, I could not believe my luck, I had to get a picture of this before I woke up and realised it was all a wacky dream. A Sore Shoe shop, it is like owning a sweet shop and calling it 'The Rotten Tooth'.

What made this even more entertaining was that my girlfriend saw the shop and wanted to check it out. The shop was shut the first time we saw it, but was open the next day and now she owns a pair of sore shoes. The joke
'I bet those are sore shoes' never gets old!
Sore Shoes
Old Classic

  Snappy Holiday 9.Oct.2008
Back in August I went on holiday to Rome and even thou the weather was crazy hot I still got a chance to see around the city and check out all the different sights. While I was there I took a ton of pictures (like I usually do) and the first three albums are linked below.

Recently I released a Q3 map called Mystic Gemini which I developing during sleepless nights. The map got reviewed at ..::Lvl and I got the impression that the reviewer did not like the map, which is a shame. All of the source materials for the map have been released for free, so if you want to have a peek at how it was made check out the source page.

Chinese Statues In the Vatican Museum was an exhibition on Chinese culture with a pair of Guardian lions at the front entrance. Usually these kind of statues are constructed from solid stone, but the museum had a pair made from fine metal and exquisite paints instead.

The lions were in perfect condition and the level of detail was breath taking considering how old these statues must of been. Luckily for me and my girlfriend the exhibition stayed open long enough for us to look around.

In the Vatican Museum besides the central courtyard was a huge display of Roman antiques. The initial corridor was covered from top to bottom in shelving featuring a sea of different types of roman busts.

At the far end was a doorway leading to the Braccio Nuovo gallery built by Raphael Stern featuring the Augustus of Prima Porta statue. The collection was incredibly diverse and the quality was remarkable considering how old these statues were.
Roman Statues

Roman Doors While wandering around the back streets of Rome, I found a lot of doors that looked so different. With so much variety about I thought it would be cool to create a small collection of images showing some of the styles I found.

The doors were all made from similar materials, but each door had a unique shape and style which is so often missing from modern day buildings. I am sure most people think am I crazy for taking the pictures but they all looked so unique and cool.

I found this little gem in a sweet shop while wandering around the narrow streets of Rome trying to escape the burning hot sun. I was surprised to find this lick stick considering that it has a picture of the current pope on the front.

In typical Carry On humour the lol-e-pope turned into "Could you lick my pope?" or "Oh my pope feels sweet and sticky tonight!". I assume the Pope does not know about this but If he does I would recommend his next product be a hard stick of rock, I hear they are good for licking as well!

  Saucy Mystic 12.Aug.2008
Mystic Gemini was released a couple of days ago and after months of working on it someone found a location where you can rocket jump from one base to the next. Unfortunately this was not found during testing and it made the release a bit of a disappointment to me. Hopefully next time I will be able to catch these kind of bugs earlier.

A while back I posted a picture of a building perched on top of another and thought it looked crazy. Well a couple of days ago someone mailed me and said 'the 2nd building is there because of restoration of the figure on it :D'. It makes perfect sense to me and it is pretty cool that someone found the time to tell me. Thank you, that made my day. :D

Source Files The source files for Mystic Gemini contains most of the original map files saved at various stages throughout the project. The older maps will contain broken shaders as stuff was moved around, there is no fix for this.

An explanation of when the maps were used in the project can be found on the source files page. The maps are supplied as it and probably contain the odd mistake or two. Please bear this in mind when going through them in the editor.

The zip file contains most of the editor textures that were used to make the map easy to understand in the editor. These files were not necessary to distribute with the final release.

I have included all the special bot maps that were used throughout the project. The bot file was split off from the main towards the end and unfortunately due to game play changes went through several versions.

The source files page also contains details on all batch files used to compile the maps.
Source Files

Please Shop Now that is a direct message to all potential customers walking past, please shop! I am not sure if this is a chain of shops or just the odd one trying to do something different.

The sign underneath roughly means in Hungarian 'Drugstore', where you can get bathroom type products. The sign is certainly catchy to the eye and made me smile when I saw it. Now all they need is someone standing outside the shop, pleading with customers to come in! :P

I saw this shop sign while going home on the tram from work at night. The title is certainly catchy and I can imagine some wacky game show centred around it. You got 30 seconds to buy the right item ... or die!

It is certainly ironic the shop died and a bit sad the shop name was so relevant to the way it all ended. Not even sure what stuff they sold, the shop was closed down time I got round to finding it during daylight hours.
Buy or Die

  Mystic Release 09.Aug.2008
I always wanted to create a CTF map based on my last texture set, but I could not find a layout which I was happy with. Back in January this year I was browsing lvlworld and I found a gorgeous CTF map with cool features which I thought would look good in stone ...

Mystic Gemini Mystic Gemini started life as a lump of rock covered in ley lines which I cut up into small shapes and rearranged into pretty patterns. After hundreds of lunch breaks and the consumption of a mountain of home made cake, my latest map is ready for release.

Made from huge piles of rock, sand and green leaves the map was designed to feel like an ancient place abandoned many years ago. The layout was based on a map called Evil Gemini by Mr. Lake and includes new routes, item changes and a large quantity of bricks.

What started out as something to keep me busy during the dark winter nights, turned into a cozy trip down memory lane. Like an old jumper that you have had for years, level design for Q3 is just cozy and familiar to use.

During the development of the map I received a lot of feedback from many friends and this was the highlight of the project for me. Eventually the map changed into something much better than I could have produced on my own and I hope everyone enjoys playing the map as much as I had fun creating it.
Mystic Gemini

Cats can fly! Perched high above an Irish theme pub and next to a very cool coffee shop is a cat with wings. OMG ... CATS can FLY !

I remember seeing this cat many years ago while exploring the city and thought it was very cool. Recently I went to a gorgeous Spanish restaurant across the road from the pub and found the flying cat again.

Walking out from the pub late at night, looking up and seeing that cat must be priceless, especially if you are drunk! :P

I spend large amounts of my time making, playing and talking about games that I often see stuff while walking around, which remind me of things in computer games.

At work there is a nice garden area with water, trees and a path around the outside. It is a really nice place to go and eat lunch, soak up sunrays and get away from the office cave.

Recently the water turned a deep green colour because of algae problems and when I saw it for the first time, I thought it looked like a toxic green slime pool!
Green Water
Burnt Out Wreck

  World of Bots 18.June.2008
I very rarely get free time nowadays but when I do, I just want to relax and play games instead of doing my own projects. This relaxed groove is hard to break because I know I need to finish my Q3 map project soonly. Most of the creative fun stuff has been done already and there is a lot of technical stuff left to do which does not inspire me to open the editor at the moment!

At the start of the project I did a lot of tests to see if the alpha layout would produce a good bot file and I assumed it would work fine at the end as well. Since then I have been creating whole map bot compiles with no optimizations and things have got messy. With the map structure complete, I can finally branch off to a separate map for the bots ... now the fun starts.

Floor Only The only part of the original map I wanted to start with was the floor. This is the primary surface for the bots and it had to be as close as possible to the human version.

I removed all the walls and upper details and then simplified some of the floor edges because I wanted the new wall structure to be as basic as possible. I converted all of the floor brushes to structural and worked through a long list of leaks to make sure the map would compile again.

Once the floor was finished I created a simple set of wall brushes that went from the floor straight up to the skybox. I followed the floor shape to a certain degree but certainly not to the same level of detail as the original.

All of the connecting corridor ceilings were reduced to flat surfaces and the organic rock structures in the central area were converted into very blocky brushes instead. This was done in preparation for the bot cluster portals which required clean surface frames.
Basic Walls

Clean Edges Bot cluster portals should have clean surrounding brushwork to be reliable. Any extra brushwork touching the portal surface can cause splits and this can increase the chance of the portal being broken.

I assumed that the bot file was an exclusive space for the bots to move around in but this is not the case. Bots will not sink though the floor if the bot file has a lower floor. With a flat lower floor space I can force the bot portals to be exactly where I want them, everytime I compile the map.

With the bot file created from a separate map and then linked back to the original BSP the AAS file got reduced from 14Mb to 1.7Mb!

The AAS file ended up being split evenly into 7 well sized clusters and after a lot of testing the bots flowed around the map extremely well.

I am not sure how many people actually play CTF style maps with bots nowadays but at least everyone has the option and all the work I did hopefully will pay off with someone enjoying a game with bots.
Both Maps

Wall Pirate Outside a local gun shop is a pirate scaling the building like something from the Crimson Permanent Assurance company. This was something I spotted a while back but due to road works I have not been down that street in a long time.

The pirate hanging off the wall was the first thing I noticed about the shop, but I always have a habit of looking up to see what the roof line looks like. The opposite side of the road has a really good food market located in a very cool looking building.

While walking around Budapest this weekend I found a very funny shop in a small side street. The shop name is just priceless, a doctor who looks after bushes, down under!

Even after all my cheap attempts at humour, the shop does indeed sell equipment and advice on how to keep your bush trim and healthy! (It still makes me grin when I think about the name) If only the shop keeper was Australian, now that would have been the icing on the cake for me!
Healthy Bush
Extra Waffle

  The Tourist 05.June.2008
The weather is hot and it is time to venture out from my cave at the weekends and see the sights of Budapest. I have been planning to take some more pictures and the good weather is a perfect opportunity for me to wear my summer shorts and scare the locals.

Crazy Building Last year I took a quick weekend trip to Vienna (3-4hrs by car) with my girlfriend to see the sights. The weather was very dry and cold but the hotel was amazing as we got upgraded to a larger room.

While out and about in the city we were admiring the really cool sights when I spotted this building perched on top of a corner of another building. I am still not sure what to make of it as it looks totally stupid, but it certainly made me stop and stare!

When I first saw this sign from a distance I could not understand what was wrong but something did not feel right. The sign seemed to have depth from a distance but I knew it could not be true as the majority of street adverts are 2D images.

I had to find out what the sign looked like close up and when I discovered the extra bits coming out from the flat surface it made me smile. Finally a sign that used more space to create depth to the image, a damn cool idea, hopefully will see more.
3D adverts

Museum of Applied Arts On my way to work everyday I pass the Museum of Applied Arts. A brightly coloured building covered in ornate architectural details, surrounded by a sea of generic grey buildings in front of a busy wide road of constant traffic.

When I first saw this building I thought it was a church due to its highly decorated roof design, imposing central dome, arch windows and various wall column supports. The building has an eastern style which effortlessly fit together to create a mesmerising appearance.
Caramalized Goodness

  City Life 02.June.2008
I was planning to make an update of my site every month about something I thought was funny and worth sharing, but that plan seems to have gone wrong. I could have sworn that only one month had pasted but it has not and I don't know where the time has gone either!

I know I have been working crazy long hours lately but did not realise things were going past so fast. Maybe it is living in a city where everything is changing so quickly that the speed of time does not seem so apparent anymore.

Every now and then I change my route to work to see if I can find anything new and different to take pictures of. The rich source of different building designs is amazing and maybe soon I can find some time to do a small series of photo collections on my favourites.

Police Shop Tucked away down a small side street is a little shop, where you can buy the police!

I assume this has nothing to do with the real police but when I saw the sign I could not stop laughing at the play on words. Maybe it is a place for the police to go shopping for new accessories to help them fight crime.

I assume from the logo this is a Private Investigator or something similar with a Sherlock Holmes icon.

I have been walking past this traffic light for months and never noticed what was different about it. The first time I saw the smiley face on the yellow light, I smiled back!

Now that I know the smiley face is there I often see it every day and smile. A simple idea but one that is clever enough to make a difference and cheer people up while going to work.
Secret Smile

Artist Impression Building front renovation is often messy and can cause a lot of dust and rubbish to spew out onto the streets. To prevent this problem, big covers are often put across the front of the scaffolding to minimize the mess.

The new building fronts are usually decorated with huge adverts but sometimes they are covered with artistic drawings instead. I can understand that marketing people want to paint the whole world with adverts but this new trend of outline drawings is very cool.

I hope more building developers take note of this idea and don't insist on more dumb adverts trying to convince me to consume more stuff. More art, less adverts!

My new Quake 3 map Mystic Gemini is still ongoing but at a very slow speed. With my current job demanding more time and extended crunch hours my lunch breaks are getting smaller everyday.

With all the level architecture finished I can finally start on the bot optimizations phase. I plan to make a separate special map for the bot's instead and then merge it together with the player map at the end.
Mystic Gemini
Losing My Faith

  Street Walker 30.Mar.2008
While walking to work every day I always have plenty of time to look around and see what is going on. Back in January I took a couple of photo's of various things on my walking route that I thought was funny and worth sharing. I was going to include these pictures in with a proper website update but my other projects I am working on are not going according to plan and everything has been delayed.

I spent most of January and February working on my game Flipper trying to further optimise the program so that it can run on more systems. After converted all the assets from 3D to 2D, adding effects and optimising the menu's I finally came to the conclusion that the game looked terrible.

Without any art direction, Flipper had turned into a horrible mess of every colour possible on the screen at once. The game seriously needs an art theme and the main tiles seemed like a good place to start. I planned out what I wanted to do and how it would look but unfortunately work got crazy (with my time). All my free time evaporated and everything ground to halt.

During my lunch breaks I love to visit ..::Lvl and see what maps are being downloaded. The website has an amazing layout and I recently spotted one of my favourite maps in the list. I gave it blast with some bot's and decided I wanted to make my own version. I contacted the original author and luckily got the go ahead, so now I working on a new Q3 map ... again.

I have been using my lunch breaks to relax with the GTK editor and mapping has been coming along really well with several alpha's and a couple of art tests. Unfortunately there was one thing I over looked ... small mapping sessions produce very slow progress!

Streetwise NOLF While wandering to work one day I noticed a street sign above a girl's clothes shop. I did not pay much attention at first but then I noticed the girl on the right, it was the main character from NOLF!

I loved playing NOLF and had loads of fun listening to all the dialog of the game. What I found cool about this sign is how computer games characters are being accepted into the main stream of every day culture.

Stuck to the side of a wall above a street bar is a huge neon lit sign of a penguin holding a beer. The sign brightly lit at night (lots of late nights walking home) is very cool to see and I love how some places take the extra time and effort to create a sign that is cool and different.

For some geeky reason this street sign reminds me of the Linux symbol, the giant penguin.

Drunken Linux

TIT Studio I found this sign outside of a building where you can hire a hall for family/official functions. It probably good for wedding receptions and various other types of celebrations. Unfortunately for the owner and very funny for me, the name of the place is priceless, the TIT studio.

This sign reminded me of the van
in Only fools and horses and Trotters Independent Traders painted down the side. Sadly TIT means nothing in Hungarian so people wonder why I'm grinning and laughing to myself when I walk past this place.

I suppose I should finish this update on something relevant to my site. Here is a very early screenshot of my latest Q3 map which at the speed I am creating it at, maybe finished sometime next year!

It is a small 3v3 CTF map with a very organic/rock art theme. (mostly borrowed from my previous POM map) There is something really relaxing about mapping for Q3 and it is probably the fact that it is very simple. Most modern game engines are so damn complex that the creative fun has been squeezed out!
Mystic Gemini

Crunchie Old Wreck

  2D or not 3D 14.Jan.2008
FPS Before One thing which has been bothering me for sometime is the performance of my game. This was further highlighted by a couple of people during feedback that said the start-up of the game had extremely low FPS and was unplayable.

Initially when I looked at the problem I thought the FPS issue was due to something not finishing on time at the start of the game and causing the slow down with FPS.

The start-up scripts were split between a common ⁄ mod directory and there was not much documentation to help with what everything did. Eventually I got the scripts down to their bare essentials, but this did not fix the FPS problem.

When I first started playing with the engine I found out very early on that it could cope with 3D assets. Which was very good news because I can create 3D assets much easier than I can create 2D assets. What I did not know at the time was, the engine was very good at pushing large amounts of 2D assets but not good with the same amount of 3D assets.

My initial tests of the engine were just a couple of models to see if I could get the 3D importer working correctly and the FPS was just fine. As the game started to grow so did the amount of 3D assets I was using which included coloured tiles, shadow models, special tiles and highlights. All these 3D assets were really hurting the FPS and I needed to find a way to convert some of them back to 2D assets.

The first logical choice for asset replacement was the main tile grid as it was drawn all the time and made up of two 3D assets, tile & shadow. I took a couple of screenshots of what the performance was like beforehand so I could tell if anything had changed.

In order to convert the 3D assets into 2D assets I used the engine to do the hard work for me. I setup a grid of grey tile in various rotation angles and took a screenshot which I used to create a 32 cell animation stripe.

Once the 2D asset data blocks were setup I replaced the front menu 3D tiles with a complete grid full of looped animated tiles and checked the FPS speeds. I was amazed and relieved that I had found a way to speed up the game without any difference in appearance.
FPS After

Last week I was busy creating some new web pages when I found various HTML tag errors in the template I was using. Normally I am not too bothered by this because usually the browser compensates but I knew if I did not fix this problem soon, it would get worse.

The only problem was I did not know how much of my website was affected by these tag errors so I decided to use the W3 Organisation to help. The program did its job perfectly and found a lot of errors on over 50% of my website. This was going to take a long time to fix but it was also a perfect opportunity for me to fix the various Javascript errors I had but was too lazy to fix.

After a lot of research into different ways of creating HTML tags inside of Javascript I eventually found a really cool utility which converts HTML tags into browser friendly javascript tags. With all my errors fixed on my first web page I finally got myself a new reward, a new icon!

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional

Wow ... I have a brand new icon which I could put on my website to say I was crazy about my HTML! Yes! There was no stopping me, I was on a mission to clean up my sloppy browser compensated HTML and save my webspace from a certain invalid tag meltdown.

Several hours later after extensive eye bleeding from staring at HTML tag code I think it was done ... but I am not 100% sure because I blacked out and woke up with a qwerty face. Still not sure why I did it? Please let me know if you know the answer to this madness...

Dusty corner decal

  Safety Net 1.Jan.2008
Flipper! With all my data spread out over various pencards, cdroms and paper I finally found the time to merged it all together and produced something useful with it, for my game.

Arrh yes my game, I was sure when I started out this project it was going to be a quickie! Something for me to do in my spare time, give me a bit of focus and insight into how a complete game could be made from scratch. It is still lingering and I have even produced a couple more updates for it!
The first release of the game did not really go as expected, I assumed a lot more people would like it because ... it was cool. Unfortunately I did not realise that every man, and their dog has produced a puzzle game! it seems to be on that list of 100 things to do before you die.

I was not really prepared for the lack of responses, I some how expected more but it raised an interesting question, 'Where do you go to get feedback on casual games?' I am still wondering about this question and where on the internet a group is lurking for this type of digital content.

While I was without a PC of my own I decided to do some testing of my game. The initially feedback I had was very critical of the interface and I needed to know how to fix it. Luckily for me (maybe not for my work friends) I knew a lot of people at work who had not played my game and it was a perfect opportunity for fresh 'observed' feedback.

I installed the game, ran the icon and then handed the controls over to my friends. No other help was provided from me, besides letting them know what I was up too. With my notebook open and ready, I knew I should have worn a lab coat!

I assumed the game would be easy to pick up and use ... it was not. Most people struggled with the first level because there was no feedback from the game, there was no help available when the player wanted it.
The Game
The feedback showed me something very interesting about the way people explore and play games. Flipper did have some help but it was presented wrong, everyone just dismissed it and tried to play the game! I know that sounds like a crazy idea but people wanted to learn by themselves. The help system should of appeared when they wanted help not before.

The self-learning route seemed like the best way to go with the game, so I decided to try and create a Passive Help System. This did involve a lot of testing and each time I needed to check what the changes were like, I had to find a new person to test it with.

Eventually after a lot of testing and suggestions from everyone the help system started to take shape. After all the work I did I think the game is a lot better and (best of all) easier to get into, which should be the primary goal of any game.

My Laptop After months of trying to order a laptop from Dell I finally gave up and bought a laptop from IBM. Trying to get PC equipment delivered to unusual locations is not easy and after all my problems I would highly recommend, buy local.

It is strange how a certain brand name can conjure up stereo typical images in your mind. Maybe it is my age or something but I actually like my laptop. I know it is not the latest / greatest laptop but it looks cool to me and I was assured from all the marketing spew that it is a reliable solid product.

In that one statement 'it is a reliable solid product' I think I have admitted that I am getting old. For some reason the sparkle of the latest gadget does not bother me anymore, I actually think about 'How long is this going to last?'

Fingers crossed my laptop does not go up in flames and I end up in some internet cafe typing long strings of expletives to everyone under the sun!

Grumpy Old Man

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