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  2003 wacky experiments! Jan-Dec 2003
This year was no real updates and endless work hours trying to finally get my maps ready for looming milestones. After a lot of hard work and sleepless nights / weekends we (SplashDamage) finally released our game Enemy Territory. A damn fine moment indeed, something which will always be a fond memory for me.


Its with great pleasure I present a SAFE place to explore shape and form and chill out with groovy lime green frogs. Its a little personal project of mine to help me relax from creating photo sourced, planned, referenced, correctly scaled maps. Sometimes you need to relax and just map while feeling the chee flow from brush to brush.


Finally the computer game Enemy Territory I have been slaving over for months and months is released as a free download off the internet. It was also available from the disk on the front of many magazines. It was such a special feeling, to finally get my maps onto internet servers!


Started helping out the Enemy Territory forums over at the Splashdamage site. I also spent a lot of time creating the initial Level Designer Reference for Enemy Territory and answering loads of questions on how things are done in Enemy Territory.


Produced a very image intense tutorial on the creation of Rock Walls. This was a method I used a lot on the Enemy Territory project and was an effective method of creating simple rock shapes in a very short space of time.

A lot of people struggle with the 3 point clipping system within GTKRadiant and while planning to create a tutorial on this technique I needed to do 2 point clipping first. This was a tutorial which consumed too much time but something which needed to be explained first before talking about 3 point clipping first.

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