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  2002 and the art of power snoozing Jan-Dec 2002
This was the year I got a professional Level Designer Job and realized that I could not find the time to maintain a website anymore. After producing so much content the year before, I made very few updates to my site due to my job consuming all my time. In hindsight I should have found the correct balance between my work and personal time but it just never happened. I was just so excited about my new 24/7 mapping job that everything else was pushed aside.


No real PC time due to my Christmas Holiday in Spain and packing all my stuff ready for a move to another country. Spent a lot of time living out of cardboard boxes and plastic bags.


Time to start the new year with a new skybox texture set and this is one which has been lying around on my HD for some time. Here is a night time version of dustball called Night Ball which is a moon and stars version.

Also is the start of the latest competition to hit the streets, Nunuk's Geometry Competition 2. Head over to Nunuk's site to get the full low-down on the competition.


Over at Nunuk's site the Geometry Competition 2 finished and I helped out with some of the reviews and supplied the prize. The competition final results page.


Well finally got what I always wanted and also got a job mapping for a living as well! Talk about getting your cake and eating it, well that's not technically true but it sounds good. I am working for a company called SplashDamage which have decided to pay me in smarties in exchange for my mapping skillz. People keep asking me "is it like what you imagined it to be?" ... answer ... no.

Still been working on personal projects and here's one that's been cooking since December! can you believe that, well it was original created for a MOD but as usually it was shelved so the map found a new home in the Threewave MOD. The map is called La Bastille and features new textures, skybox and some new map models for good measures. Its got a lovely neat textural flow about it which pleases me! and the brushwork is ok as well!


In the last couple of months I've been working on a RTCW based game and with the help of djbob have created some sample script tutorials on the Articles page of this site. They where created in the small hours of the morning and involve loads of over the top sample map designs but I wanted to do something different!

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